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University of Dayton Patent Law & Patient Trolls Discussion & Response

1/ Do some research on the concept of patent trolls. After conducting your research, discuss whether we need to reform patent law to address patent trolls.

2/  here is the question with students respons need to respond to him! (Many states have passed laws that essentially cap pain and suffering damages at $250,000. is this a violation of separation of powers? Is this fair to the injured party? Use appropriate vocabulary and concepts to thoughtfully state your position on this issue.)

3/  the same thing as number 2> question is :The U.S. Supreme Court has held that corporations are also entitled to First Amendment freedom of speech. Do you agree or disagree? Should corporations have the same First Amendment rights as individual citizens? 

STUDENT RESOPNS : I agree that corporations are entitled to the First Amendment as the first amendment grants an individual’s the freedom of religion, press, and speech. These privileges are also not absolute, which means they could be taken away if need be. One of the main reasons why I believe that a corporation should remain with these priveledges is because as we know corporations are not small, (for the one starting up their goal will be to expand one day). As the need to work and associate yourself with a corporation you must know what the corporation’s beliefs are. This includes their knowing their company’s take on certain topics and how they may apply to you. For example, let us say a corporation is freely saying how they do not support the LGBTQ+ community and you are a member of the community. Without the company’s 1st Amandement a company probably will not admit that thus the employee blindly entering a potentially hostile environment. Another reason why I believe this is because corporations have the right to prosecute and to be prosecuted.  With that being said a corporation has a lot of media following if they are not held responsible for possible propaganda they release, many people will listen to their possible lies. 


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