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University of Florida Gender Socialization Article Review

Article Review and discussion responses

Post 1

1)There are a lot more than three points in this article that struck me, but these are the ones I found important or interesting. The first is kind of the whole point of the article, what are the five adjectives that you associate with the color pink? She mentions that they aren’t aggressive, capable, strong, powerful, ambitious, and drive, but rather you get pretty, soft, sweet, feminine, delicate, fragile and girly. I think at this point in the semester we can clearly recognize the problem with that, since girls are associated with the color pink because of gender socialization which leads to stereotyping.          The other points I found most interesting involve the disparity between men and women in college sports. I partly understand why the media coverage of sports is so high with 95% male coverage on SportsCenter, males make up the majority of ESPN viewership (76% male according to, and media companies want to broadcast what will generate the most viewership and revenue. I believe that while it makes sense from a business perspective for them to do this by providing what their target audience wants to see, it continues to propagate this gender inequality.            The last point I found interesting is another part of the inequity in college sports section. Female undergraduates make up 53.3% of the population of Division I colleges but the average number of female athletes is 218 compared to 269 for males. While this may be partially explained with sports that are practically all male like football, it doesn’t explain why it’s common for institutions to have spacious, well-furnished and advanced facilities for men that women don’t have equal access to. This is in violation with Title IX and is clearly a big problem, as it is clear gender discrimination.

Post 2

2)In her article, “How Nike is Fighting for Gender Equity in Sports,” Ellen Rolfes discusses Nike’s push for gender equity in sports. She discusses how Nike has been a pioneer in the fight for gender equity by using its power and influence to provide female athletes with the same opportunities as male athletes.Nike has been a pioneer in the fight for gender equity by using its power and influence to provide female athletes with the same opportunities as male athletes. In addition, Nike’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond products and into their advertising campaigns. According to Rolfes, “In 2017, they launched an “Imagery of Equality” campaign featuring ten female athletes from around the world.”The most important factor in the development of an athlete is the amount of time they spend practicing their sport. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that can keep people from practicing for extended periods of time. One factor is the insidious influence of gender socialization on females’ physical activity. Girls are often conditioned to think that fitness and sports are “masculine” activities, while boys are told they should be active.In recent years, there has been a rise in female athletes who have been successful in traditionally male-dominated sports such as basketball and soccer. In this article, we will explore how gender constructs play a role in society and why it is important to rethink pink for girls who want to be active and competitive athletes.


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