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University of Florida Internship Experience Revolver Lifestyle SL Company Summary

Provide a summary of the projects, tasks or daily routines you encountered during your internship. What did you learn from them and how have they helped you develop skills that will benefit you once you complete your studies (2-3 pages)?

Experience summary has two parts:

  • Part 1: information fact sheet. What do you do? What kind of tasks have you been doing? How was your training like? How was your initiation within the company? Your colleagues? Over all atmosphere? Work style, practices, etc.
    • Please make sure to describe how your job was similar or different than the job description you submitted. What are your impressions/opinions about these similarities and differences?
  • Part 2: This is the critical thinking part of the paper. How is the organization your teacher (how did it teach you?). In other words, how is being a part of this particular organization helping you? How is this experience going to turn you into a better employee in the next job (here or elsewhere)? What skill sets did you learn being here? What interpersonal skills did you realize were important? What other qualities did you think were important?

internship information :

Marketing internship with Revolver Lifestyle SL (Nomada),

project that we work in : Learning Figma programm

studying and learning Course about Design thinking

the main project is to find companies that support the 17 development SDGs goals and reach out to them in many different ways like, Email, Social media accounts , and set up a meeting with them to get to know them more and take the advantage from their experience, by ask them why they choose to support that specific goal , how did they stare? what are the challenges that they face and how they solve them, after that make a Usability testing by ask them to explore our webpage and give feedback to us? (ask the organization to share their screen so you can follow what they are looking at ) This is a think-aloud examination where the participant is sharing whatever pops into their mind and someone is taking notes.

everyday we have a multiple reading to read related to the work and working on reaching to companies and setup meeting with them, and we must have a everyday standup meeting to let the supervisor know what we did today and what we will do tomorrow.


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