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University of Florida Linear Programming Discussion

For this discussion select and complete ONE
of the following options.

Option 1: Show steps to solve using Linear Programming methods.
Option 2: Answer either # 5 or #6 in the “Value discussion”.

Option 1

Linear Programming problems can become very complex for large systems, often with the number of constraints in the double digits. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with some form of technology to use to solve these systems. You can find steps for two forms of technology in chapter 4 of the “Finite Mathematics” book. However, you can also find steps and assistance through online searches.

Using one of the problems in your problem set, show the steps to solve it using an available form of technology that is designed to solve Linear Programming problems. If it is from a website, you should include the link to the website in your post. As your response this week, you should look at the post of a classmate and use their technology to solve the same problem that you solved in your own post. Be sure to include your steps so that your peers can follow along if they choose to use your technology for their response. Because each problem is algorithmically generated, your problem should not be an exact match with any of your peers. Feel free to select “similar exercise” in the problem set to generate a new problem if you happen to get the same problem that someone else has already posted.

Option 2

Linear Programming problems are a great way to find the mathematically optimal solution.
However, life is not always that simple. In this discussion choice you have an opportunity
to reflect on times when respect might make you reject the financially optimal solution.
Choose either question 5 or 6 in the “Value discussion” on the last page of Chapter 4 in the “Finite Mathematics” book. Be creative in your situations so they do not match those of your classmates. In your peer response, try to think of additional conditions within the situation described that might also lead to rejecting or varying the mathematically optimal solution in order to exhibit Respect in your life or business.


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