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University of Georgia Module 5 Mental Health Discussion

Students will conduct an evaluation of a local, state, and/or national social media campaign related to a selected health issue. (health issue should not be COVID-19, students will receive only 50% of available points they select COVID-19)

When selecting the social media campaign, consider the following: who is the target of the campaign (parents, caregivers, community at large)?  Is the campaign intended for a specific demographic group based on age, sex/gender identity, race/ethnicity, or other; the existence of health disparities based on high rates of the selected health issue locally/regionally; health disparities exist for the health issue that is the subject of the campaign in a specific population; lack of educational resources relevant to the health issue at the local, state or national level. 

Students should review the campaign thoroughly on at least three of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts, etc.).  The information provided by the campaign will be used to complete the following questions.

  1. What is your specific health issue:
  2. Which organization(s) and/or health agency is behind the social media campaign?
    • Name of Organization/Agency:
    • Website:
    • City/State or Country (if not US based):
  3. Identify the Social Media Audience (use your textbook for reference)
  4. Is there a targeted population? If so, who is the targeted population of the social media campaign?
    • Is the campaign intended for a specific demographic group based on age, sex/gender identity, race/ethnicity, or other
  5. On which social media platforms did you review the campaign? (minimum of 3 platforms)
  6. Is this an individual behavior change or policy change campaign? Explain answer.
    • Individual behavior change campaigns try to decrease in individuals the behaviors that lead to social problems or promote behaviors that lead to improved individual or social well-being.
    • Policy change campaigns attempt to mobilize public and decision-maker support for policy support or change
  7. Provide at least 3 samples of the campaign (need at least one from each platform)
    • Links to posts, websites, videos, etc.
    • Ex. Infographic, tweet, video, picture post with the detailed caption, etc.


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