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University of Guelph 5 Thematic Discussion Responses

Thematic Discussions

Note: In this unit, there are five potential discussion themes available for your consideration. You should select three different discussion themes and submit one initial post that begins a discussion thread and two responses to your group members’ posts in the appropriate discussions area. If you are the first person to submit a post, do not forget to indicate the title of the theme (e.g. Children’s Participation in Sport Discussion). Moreover, do not worry to be the initiator of a discussion; other students who are interested in the theme(s) will join you soon to keep the discussions running.

  1. Coaching Process Discussion: Evaluate the coaching process found in the community sport stream, the competitive stream, and the instruction stream.
  2. Communication Discussion: What are the fundamental characteristics of communication? Describe your feelings and actions when you have been on teams or groups that had poor verbal and nonverbal communication.
  3. Charismatic Leadership Discussion: What would be the benefits and limitations of being an athlete coached by a charismatic leader? If you have experienced this type of leadership what are your observations of this type of coach?
  4. Coaching Theory Discussion: Comparing and contrasting the major theoretical approaches of leadership, which in your opinion is the most effective coaching theory?
  5. Future Coaches: Based on psychology’s accumulated knowledge of how and why coaches perform as they do, what does the future hold for people interested in becoming coaches at different levels of expertise?

In the Unit 09 Thematic Discussions area for your group, you should share your views about and discuss three different themes with your group members. You are required to submit one initial thread that begins a discussion AND two responses to different thematic posts of two of your classmates. Indicate the degree of your agreement or disagreement with their views, and provide explanations for your decision


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