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University of Harvard Healthcare Colorectal Cancer in California Paper

Colorectal Cancer in California  I am writing a paper on Colorectal Cancer in California. My part of the assignment is the Intro. I need you to write me an “Intro” which will be an attention grabber “Statistic” and a “Thesis”. I have started the paper, but I am stuck with the thesis. I have found 3 sources, but you can add some if it will help me.

In this culminating assignment, students (in groups of six or seven) will demonstrate their capacity to apply the major frameworks and key concepts learnt in the course thus far in addressing a major issue of concern among the general population of the state of California. The prompt for this assignment is as follows: The governor of state of California wants to make a special effort about [your assigned health issue]. He wants you to draw up a brief report on the current status of this health issue, the main age groups affected by it, and a detailed plan for measures that can be implemented to prevent or reduce disease. This report will include a discussion of how specific strategies should be implemented, including during which life stage maximum impacts might occur for each strategy for the health of individuals affected by the condition in California. The assignment should conclude with specific details about the expected results of such a program might be. 

The specific health conditions are as follows:  It is important that the life course perspective be used to defend the proposed plan. The submissions should broadly cover the following: These are what should be included in the thesis statement  

1.    Description of the health issue, including physical, mental, and social consequences  

2.     Key biological, behavioral, and environmental factors influencing the condition  

3.     The life stages in which the condition is of most concern  

4.     A multilevel intervention strategy highlighting specific life stages which maximize the effectiveness of specific prevention or treatment strategies for the condition  

5.     Evidence that the proposed intervention would be successful as proposed It should be very clear how specific frameworks and concepts from the textbook, lecture slides, and class discussions are incorporated in this FINAL PROJECT


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