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University of Idaho Communications The Self as Instrument Discussion

Respond to the following post( what good points are in the post) :

The reading is attached to better asset to grasped what was posted.

Post1: Of the 4 categories of activities, an area for continued development is 3. Build Emotional and Intuitive Self-Awareness. This is important in my ability to speak confidently as an HR practitioner. For example, after the public death of George Floyd, the senior leader in our organization reached out to our black employees to see how the were doing and to let them know he was also saddened by the events. He held listening sessions where staff could express how they were feeling. He asked the HR team to help facilitating conversations within the parts of the organizations we support. I was anxious about doing this as I struggled with my own emotions of this event. I spent a bit of time in self-reflection, recalling my own experiences of discrimination growing up in a predominately white community. I also spent time reading the latest articles, attending webinars, and listening to podcasts on the topic to learn different ways of facilitating these conversations. I practiced by serving as a moderator for my church and ethnically diverse members of our congregation.

I also wish to develop number 4. Commit to Self-Care. I don’t spend enough time caring for myself. I allow myself to keep working beyond normal work hours, oftentimes depriving myself of sleep so I can deliver on commitments. I have always prided myself on delivering excellent customer service. But this has often been at my expense. When the pandemic hit and our new office locations became our home, I wasn’t taking very good care of myself and had a hard time separating work from home. I gained weight because I wasn’t eating healthy or regularly. I’ve spent the last year more focused on my mental and physical health. This is still a work in progress, but I am realizing the benefits of self-care for myself and for the people I serve.

My strength is number 4. Develop Life Long Learner Habits. I continually look for ways to expand my knowledge. I enjoy reading books on a variety of self-help and professional topics. I seek out others who have expertise and experiences I can learn from. I remember one of my mentors telling me “if you want to continue to learn, surround yourself with people who are smarter/more experienced than you, and to stay curious by asking questions to expand your perspectives.


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