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University of Idaho When Your Star Player Asks to Go Part Time Case Disscusion

Respond to the following post( what good points are in the post) :

The reading is attached to better asset to grasped what was posted.

Post 1:

If my star player, asked to go part-time. I would have a one on one and walk through what the process would look like. In addition, to our conversation, I would ask what added task they could use assistance with to ensure they are able to utilize their three working days to their full potential.

I think by doing the following, Su Yee is showing Melissa, she supports and values her work, and secondly allows members on the team to learn new things and grow with the company.

I love Rachel’s approach of gathering additional information and adjusting accordingly. As working mothers in the leadership field, we tend to spend more time at working than quality time with our families. I think when Su Yee mentioned, she could reduce her work scheduled to eight hours, the following confirmed, Melissa had invested a lot of time into the organization.

As a CEO, I believe Rachel understands the importance that income is not the only way to value an employee. The following mindset will decrease turnover rates and keep employees longer term to continue the organization’s sustainability.

Su Yee should support Melissa family needs at the moment as Melissa has successfully supported the organization’s needs.

Post 2:

If I were Su Yee I would be looking at the deliverables that I expect to see over the next year. I would also look at what part time employment for Melissa could really look like, given what needs to be accomplished. Once I had an idea of what needed to get done, I would have a conversation with Melissa about the goals for the coming year and how they could be accomplished. Melissa may have some great suggestions as to how things could work out. Making these decisions together will build in the buy-in needed for success.
Su Yee seems like the type of person who needs to feel in charge, so knowing what must be done ahead of time may help her come to a compromise with Melissa.
Su Yee has invested a lot of time and resources in grooming Melissa, it’s possible that Melissa does want to continue on the path to upper management, but for now she needs to step away for a bit. This is a good opportunity for Melissa to show Su Yee that success looks different at different times and staying home isn’t necessarily bad for her career.


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