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University of Illinois at Chicago Effect of Law on Demand Supply and Price Paper

Caselet Write-Up Guidelines

The case-study approach has long been used in business schools as a way of improving business managers’ thinking and understanding. The caselet that we will discuss is chosen to highlight examples of microeconomics in action. The articles represent microeconomic concepts as seen in the business world and are taken directly from the business and popular press.

The written caselet should be no more than a maximum of 2-pages.

  • Assume I read the article and am familiar with the situation. The caselet writeup is not a time to summarize the article. Assume the audience has read a brief on the situation and is familiar.
  • Bring in and apply class tools – examples could include supply & demand curve shifts, elasticity, market structures, etc. – also try to bring in your unique perspectives and experiences.
  • Clearly define the following three items:

1) Problem or situation identification

a. What do you see as the key problem or situation?


  1. Bring in as many tools from the class as are relevant to assessing the situation.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use these tools in the right way and correct context.
  3. Use information and data from the article to support your analysis.

3)Conclusion or recommended Action plan

a. Using your analysis, what is your conclusion or recommendation?

i. Here, you could (but do not have to) brainstorm potential courses of action management could take ii. Bring in your perspectives and experiences to the extent practical

Please don’t hesitate to start working on this.

Please note: Your grade on the caselet will reflect your application of economic analysis as it relates to corporate strategy. A wonderfully intelligent commentary that uses no class tools will not earn a high score. Caselet write-ups are your opportunity to demonstrate the ability to bring in class concepts in the right ways at the right times and turn your understanding of those concepts into useful action in a real-life situation.

Please find attached various articles to choose from but you only must choose one (1) article to complete the caselet, and also find attached the class tools to be used for the caselet.


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