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University of Illinois Chicago The Story of My Body by Judith Cofer Discussion

Instructions: Throughout the semester you will be required to keep a journal about the readings assigned each week. You will write a reaction (entry) to every assigned reading (numbers correspond to individual readings). Each reading should have a full paragraph including a quote from author, and a photo/media clip with a detailed explanation of how that media relates to the reading in your view. A full paragraph is 10 sentences or more. Ask yourself these questions and type an essay style response: What caught my attention, what quote(s) stand out from the reading, what is my emotional reaction to this reading, how does this reading relate to current events, how can I see the people involved from a perspective of sociological empathy, what have I learned from reading this, and how can I use the information? Don’t forget to include a media piece that you believe relates to the readings and illustrates the significant aspects of that reading. (Photo, artwork, poem, song lyrics, political cartoon, meme, news story, album cover, book, etc.) You must clearly explain how the media image relates to the reading and include the details of the image as part of your analysis.

It is very laid back and does not really need to have everything listed above. The most important things to include tho is a quote that caught your attention from each reading and a media piece that relates to the topic.

Each Journal involves reflecting on 3 readings. I will attach the PDF’s of all of these readings.

Journal #1: Reading #30, Anzaldua reading, and Moore reading

Journal #2: Reading # 32, Reading #33, and Kaufman reading

Journal #3: Readings # 38, 39 and 43

I will also provide a PDF of a previous journal that I wrote to show you how I typically approach it. This has gotten me full credit. They are not only touching upon the readings, but also have a lot of reflection. This is a very liberal and open-minded course.


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