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University of Leeds Art Biennales Paper

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Requirement :

Question (please read all points carefully)

What issues were repeatedly encountered in the biennales we studied across weeks 7-12?

Having read about biennales in weeks 7-12 —in material posted on Readings Online, subject guide, padlet page, and also from across the internet, online databases, and from searches through art magazines and other websites—you can see that particular issues were repeatedly encountered and talked about. What were they? Do you agree with the assessments about those issues that you read? How would you see things differently? You should focus on topics/biennials of AT LEAST two (2) of the weeks we have looked at (from W7-12) (so more than one week). Also, you need to refer to each week’s biennale (from week 7-12) to answer this question, even if your mention of a particular biennial is extremely brief.

A good answer includes references to the biennales that we have discussed in weeks 7-12, and references to works of art included in these biennales in order to make your points. A very good answer might refer to yet other biennales, ones that we have not studied at all but which you can argue assist in establishing an interesting, good answer.

Assignments must be typed in double-spaced 12pt text please!!!

Assignments must have numbered pages

I choose topic :


Seminar: Exhibitions as an Extension of Regional Diplomacy: Manifesta 1(Rotterdam, 1996)Manifesta was created as part of the EC project to create a European identity. It was also initiated in the wake of the Cold War, and in the context at the time of the expansion of the EU, and bloody conflicts and traumas in Eastern Europe. Though Europe is a relatively small geographic entity, Manifesta has been preoccupied with questions of periphery and centre. How have curators negotiated this territory? Have artists done so too? What has this cycle of exhibitions constructed? To what extent did these priorities condition the art included, or were they an accurate reflection of European art of the period, or have the manifestos of Manifesta been peripheral to the art on exhibition? Note the artists included in the 1996 edition of Manifesta, and work out if the selections are consistent with those of other biennales we are studying.

Question for discussion: Are the same artists included in other biennales we are studying? Is there a typical profile of a ‘biennale artist’?

Manifesta 1



Reference format :chigago A

Reading :


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