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University of Leeds Game Theory Video Games in Education Essay

A written work of 2000 words approximately or equivalent presentation , multimedia project (see above) – on all aspects of a single game OR themes relating to any game or collection of games, designers etc..and any related issue in gaming culture or how games interact with a wider world , that you choose. A subject that you are both interested in and can contain many of the elements that are covered over the semester or inspired by the subject .

Ok so thats the official line … As I will mention in class often is that these are GUIDELINES. If you need to adapt, experiment and change the form of these either; bring that up in class, email me or grab me after class or lets meet for a Zoom session and if there is time I can give you personal feedback. (not easy with 525 students but I love doing it ! )

Written – This should read 2000 words MORE or LESS , remember just a guideline) . The challenge here is to create a good research work on an issue in gaming culture, a designer, a series , a deep examination of the cross discipline ideas in a single game (not just a description of a game) , and any issues you are interested in researching. Of course the project may include images, music, video, references and anything you need to make the writing and ideas clear and articulate. It can be presented as a essay style research paper or a more creative form involving text , images , references and links.

More ideas on Ass. 2

I think in the four options presented above each is very similar in what I am looking for (and the other 2 markers Tom Byer and Maize Wallin): The depth of research , the Breadth approach in the sense that you explore how the issues in gaming interact with the “real world” and most importantly that you pick something that really interests you and present it in a way you want to challenge your self with.

The depth of research , the clarity of your critical thinking , the craft of presenting , and the layout and style reflecting your creative way of presenting. In other words the style of HOW you create being connected to the content you make.


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