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University of London Finance for Business Savoring pleasure Discusion

For your discussion this week choose ONE of the following activities to complete:

Activity #1 – Savoring Pleasures -Savoring pleasures has been shown to increase happiness. This may include eating a delicious meal, dancing to great music, watching a child play with a kitten, receiving a full body massage. For this activity revisit and savor a positive event from the past. Pay close attention to what was going on in this event and try to linger in your awareness as long as you can. If you can engage in parts of this event again then do so (e.g., if it was graduation put on your graduation cap as you revisit this moment).

Activity #2 – Gratitude – Gratitude is a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for life. In this activity, you will express gratitude through making a gratitude list. See how many things you can write down that you are grateful for and appreciate. Try your best to fill a page. For example, I’m alive, I have food to eat, I’m grateful to be outside! Goal is to write as many things as you can. Write neatly just in case you want to post this somewhere in your room as a reminder.

Activity #3- Engagement – One way to increase happiness is become so engaged in an activity that we lose awareness of anything beyond what we are doing. Complete engagement in this experience is considered flow states. Flow results from the total absorption in an activity, which includes no thoughts or concerns about ourselves. Engage yourself in a flow-inducing activity. Maybe it’s a very engaging course, going for a run or watching your favorite show.

Activity #4- Contribution -Showing kindness to others is not only a way to increase your happiness, but also increase positive emotions. What kindness could you do in 15 minutes or more? It could be small (e.g., call a loved one and say hello or tell them you love them). It could also be big act of kindness (such as calling a friend or family member and asking them is there anything they need–if you have the time to do it or can). Be sure to spend at least 15 minutes engaging in this activity.

STEP 1: Write a post about the experience of your selected activity making sure to answer each of the following questions:

How did you feel before? After?

Was your activity hard to complete?

How is this activity related to a key concept, idea or fact that you learned from this weeks reading?


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