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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Health Society for Older People Essay

HLTH 440 Literature Review – Worth
125 points Instructions:

Read the additional resources
provided in Moodle related to creating a literature review

1. Choose a health topic that
interests you. Narrowing your research to a specific health topic, dates, and
population will help focus your search. Only use articles that have been
written within the last 5-10 years. Total paper must be at least 10 pages but
can be more to ensure complete and detailed review of each article, cover page
(1), intro, body, summary (8), reference page (1).

2. Research and find at least 4 peer
reviewed journal articles that address your chosen health topic. Peer Reviewed
JOURNAL articles do not include web sites. Articles must be from a Journal.
Some Journals are available online and most can be accessed through the Library
online. Be sure you understand the difference. If you have questions, ASK.

3. Write a comprehensive literature
review of the articles using APA format. Resources are provided on the class
Moodle site and more help can be found at Dupre’ Library or online on how to
write in APA format and the required format for a research paper.

4. The literature review must
contain but is not limited to:

a. Cover Page – Name, class, and
topic (APA format)

b. Introduction – Overview of topic
including but not limited to the prevalence, statistics and reason for choosing
the topic.

c. Body – Summary of each article (4
total) as per literature review procedures in resources provided including in
text citations. (APA format)

d. Summary – Summary of information
from all articles.

e. Reference Page – APA format of
all references/articles reviewed. Submit your paper on the Link provided in

This is a Turn It In assignment.
This software will check for plagiarism.

NOTE: A research question is not
required for this assignment. Only a review of the literature on your chosen
topic. Literature reviews are usually done in conjunction with research so many
of the sources will state that a research question is needed.


_____ Cover Page – 1 page (5 points)
APA format required for all portions of paper

_____ Introduction (15 points)

_____ Body (65 points)

_____ Summary (20points)

_____ Reference Page – 1 page/four
references (20 points)

NOTE: Intro, Body and Summary must be at least 8

pages. Points deducted for spelling and grammatical errors. Zero points awarded

for plagiarizing.

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