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University of Maryland Baltimore Assemblage Art Discussion

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First, watch the video above.

Now it is your turn to try it!

In the realm of art and sculpture, assemblage is a playful way to take objects in our everyday life and “see” the object for it’s shape, color, and form in a different way. We can also consider the meanings evoked by the individual objects, and construct new meanings by juxtaposing certain items. For this exercise, you will collect and arrange ten objects, laying them next to each other, on top, etc to create something else. Maybe lay the objects out and try different ways of creating an image or organize them conceptually/thematically. There is no right or wrong approach, as long as in the end, there is a clear logic to the organization of the objects. Maybe revisit the way that you created unity in one of our previous art activities. Get playful, be creative!

A tip from artist, Pam Carriker, in her book Art at the Speed of Life, “Assemblage is like writing a story using found objects to invite the viewer in and unearth their meaning.” Given that mixed-media artists tend to have a treasure trove of found objects, Pam suggests finding a selection of objects that fit your theme, laying them out on your worktable, and spending some time positioning them on the canvas until you achieve the look you’re going for. Rather than pre-planning, it’s more like auditioning. You’ll know when the pieces work well together (and when they don’t) to tell your story.

Set your newly created “sculpture” somewhere on a clean surface with good lighting and photograph it. Any type of camera can be used, including a phone camera.

In the comments section of your submission, write a sentence or two about what new image or idea you intended to create from your arrangement.


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