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University of Maryland Global Campus Treatment of Cancer Questions

Week 2 – This week you are studying acids and bases as you study the chemistry of biology. The measure of the alkalinity (how basic) or acidity (how acidic) of a fluid is accomplished through the use of the pH scale.  Substances that are acidic measure between 0 and 7, while basic substances measure between 7 and 14.  Substances that measure 7 on the pH scale are neither acidic nor basic – they are considered to be neutral.

The billions of the cells that make up the human body are slightly alkaline. The normal pH for human bodies is between 7.35 and 7.45.   The pH levels of our internal body fluids affects every cell in our bodies.  The entire metabolic process depends on a slightly alkaline environment.

An acidic diet, lack of physical exercise, psychological stresses constitute the basis of our modern lifestyle. This unhealthy lifestyle causes acidosis or body over-acidity. Acidosis is a very dangerous condition and it weakens all of our body systems by interrupting all cellular activities and functions. It leads to a general autotoxication of our bodies that gives rise to an internal environment that is conducive to disease.  As such, it is a leading cause of many chronic degenerative diseases. Below is a list of ailments that are rooted in acidosis.

Acid reflux


Heart disease



Chronic fatigue

High blood pressure



Chronic inflammation





Immune deficiency

Premature aging



Kidney stones


Bladder conditions

Fungal infections

Mood swings





Yeast infections

For this discussion, please do the following:

1. Choose one of the diseases from the list. 

2. Conduct research on the disease you have chosen and using layman’s terms, please discuss in full how acidosis or an acidic body pH leads to the condition you chose.

3. Discuss conventional methods for treating the condition you chose.

4. Offer a reason for why most medical doctors may not consider the pH of patients as both the basis and thus cure for the disease state you have chosen.


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