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University of Maryland Global Campus Week 2 Woman Studies Question

Special COVID19 instructions: Because of the risks associated with the outbreak of COVID19, all Oral History interviews should be performed remotely, unless you are interviewing someone you already see in person daily. “Remote” modes of interview can include email, telephone, and videoconferencing (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc.). Please post to the Questions for the Professor discussion if you have any questions. This requirement should remain in place until there is a general consensus worldwide that the risks associated with the virus have been downgraded.

Due: Week 2 in Assignments by Tuesday, 11:59pm

100 points; 10% of course grade

Learning from other women is a major component of Women’s Studies scholarship. Through Oral Histories (interviews that record the history of a person), we can learn about the experiences of other women, and then analyze these experiences in terms of what we know about Women’s Studies.

For the major project in this course, you will conduct an interview with a woman whose background differs from yours (she might be older, younger, of a different ethnic group, has children, does not, a different religion, etc.). You will need to design the questions for your interview based on the concerns and topics we are studying in this course. Later, you will write an 800-1200 word (3-4 pages) report in which you analyze the interview you conducted in relationship to what you have learned in Women’s Studies.

For the assignment due this week, you will begin by planning your interview.

Project Plan Requirements

Decide whom you will interview for your project (and why), and then submit a two paragraph Project Plan:

The first paragraph should name the subject you have chosen and explain why you believe she will make a good interview subject for a Women’s Studies Oral History. This paragraph should include some discussion of the Women’s Studies topics you plan to bring up in the interview. (50 points)

The second paragraph should describe your plan for conducting the interview, including the when/where/how of the process. Also explain what your backup plan is in the case that your original choice of person to interview is unavailable or changes her mind. (50 points)

Confused? Post a question about the Oral History Project to the Ask the Professor discussion.


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