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University of Memphis Obtaining Detailed Information About Research Subject Discussion

Action Research in Your Organization

For this discussion post, in Stringer and Aragon’s Action Research, read the Introduction to the Reflection and Learning Activities (at the end of Chapter 1). Then, respond to the Reflection questions. (I have uploaded the Chapter 1 reading and the Reflection questions along with it). You will analyze the place in which you work (private school as the After-school care Coordinator) from an action research perspective. Discuss how action research can be used to foster organizational change.

Complete your post with a reflection on any sections of the chapter that are uninformative or unclear. What questions come to mind as a result of reading the chapter, the answers to which would enhance your understanding of action research?

Action Research: A Systemic Approach to Investigation:

This week you’ll begin reading Stringer and Aragon’s Action Research. Unlike experimental or quantitative research that looks for generalizable explanations related to a small number of variables, action research seeks to engage the complex dynamics involved in any social context. It uses continuing cycles of investigation designed to reveal effective solutions to issues and problems experienced in specific situations and localized settings, providing the means by which people in schools, businesses, community agencies and organizations, and health and human services may increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. In doing so, it also seeks to build a body of knowledge that enhances professional and community practices and works to increase the well-being of the people involved.

Read the following in your Action Research text. These chapters introduce the concept of an inquiry/continuous improvement cycle, specifically an action research cycle. You’ll read about how action research is a systematic approach to investigation that enables people to find effective solutions to problems they confront in their everyday lives.

  • Chapter 1, “Understanding Action Research.”
  • Chapter 2, “Theoretical Foundations of Action Research.”


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