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University of Memphis They Say I Say Book Chapters 2 and 3 Questions

First, read They Say / I Say Chapters 2 and 3 (pp 3-51) and the essays “How I Learned to Love Snapchat (Links to an external site.)” by Jenna Wortham and “The Social-Distancing Shamers Are Watching (Links to an external site.)” by Amanda Hess.

The Assignment: Part One

For this part of the written homework, you are to:

1) Write the question at issue each author (Wortham and Hess) is trying to answer in each respective essay. In other words, if you were the author, what is your central question at issue that is guiding your writing? (You will write two questions, one for each article.) Use your own words.

2) List two questions at issue for each article (four total) that are your own, based on the reading. In other words, after you read, what questions do you have in response? What are you left pondering? Please be specific (bad faith effort: “is social media bad”; good faith effort: “What effect does x have on my ability to …”?).

How to complete this task:

Use the prompts below to compose your answers. You can write something like:

Questions at Issue – Author questions:

“Wortham’s question at issue is: (write your question)

Hess’s question at issue is:

My Questions in Response:

My questions at issue are:

Wortham: (write your two questions)


The Assignment: Part Two

  • Write a 7-8 sentence summary of either Hess’s “Social Distancing Police” or Wortham’s “How I Learned to Love Snapchat”.
    • Begin with a Topic Sentence that includes the author’s full name, the title of the work in the correct format, and the main idea of the work. For example: In the essay “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko blames the fast-food industry for fueling America’s obesity epidemic filling the nutritional void in children’s lives left by their overworked parents and a lack of access to healthier alternatives.
      • Then, in 5-6 sentences, write out all of the main points that the writer touches on in roughly the same order the writer organizes them. 
      • Transition between ideas as you write, so that your text does not simply look like a stringing along of outlined parts.
      • You may use the author’s name to help you transition between ideas. Remember though, only the first time you mention the author should you use their full name; after that, only use their last name.
      • Use one direct quotation as long as you properly credit the author. Use the “quote sandwich” and feel free to use templates from Chapter Three in TSIS. Select a quote that best highlights what you feel is the main point of the essay.
      • Finish with a conclusion sentence that summarizes the conclusion of the work (not your own conclusion or opinion, but explaining how the work itself comes to an end)..


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