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University of Miami Communications Good and Bad News Letters

This week you will also be writing both good and bad news, but this time both messages will be addressed to individuals outside of the organization. When writing good news, remember to use the direct approach; however, when writing bad news, use the indirect approach.  A single upload is fine, as long as each letter starts on a new page.  After your assignment is uploaded, please click on “View Feedback” to verify that the formatting was not altered. If necessary, please correct and resubmit. Remember to adhere to formatting guidelines, including margins and spacing (please refer to sample formatted letter).


Use Times Roman Numeral, Courier New, or Arial.

Left justify letter and use 1-inch margin.

Use correct headings (must be single-spaced): 

Sender’s address


Recipient’s address

Letter must be single-spaced; leave a space between each paragraph.

Do not indent paragraphs.

Zain Martin recently interviewed with your company for a position  as a securities analyst. You have good news to share with her. The  company offered Zain a job with the hope of getting her in for  orientation in five weeks. Your task is to write to Zain and offer her  the position.

  • Scenario (Bad News):
  • You are a real estate professional who has a national reputation  as a real estate expert. You were contacted recently via letter,  inquiring about your ability and willingness to be the keynote speaker  at a national real estate conference in Atlanta on August 12. You are  flattered with the invitation and the size of the honorarium you would  receive. However, you are unable to accept due to previous commitments.  Your task is to write a letter to the conference host informing her of  your decision. In your letter, consider sharing the names of other real  estate experts who might be available and/or the possibility of  videotaping your talk for the presentation.


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