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University of Mount Olive Travel Nurse Career Annotated Bibliography

Start Research Project Preparation: Please start building an annotated bibliography by picking 3 current research articles (not websites!!!) that you plan to use in your report. Topics of these articles must match your proposal. Consider using trade publications, magazines, or journals for professionals in your field. It will be best to narrow down your topic to specific aspect of your future job. For example, you could look up how nurses cope with stress, varying schedules, night shifts, patient loss or explore future trends or technologies

Grading guidelines for the Annotated Bibliography assignment: help at

  1. Correct and full reference and hanging indent format (10 for APA  — other style = no points)
  2. Genuine summary of the article in a paragraph or two (30 points)
    • in no less than 200-250 words
    • no less than 5 sentences
    • without use of “I”, “you”, “we” or “us” ( 3rd person only).
    • no quotations (page number references would help you later)
  3. Short annotation evaluating the source (10 points) and suggesting projected placement and relevance of the source to your research report in one paragraph
    • no less than 5 sentences
    • without use of “I”, “you”, “we” or “us” ( 3rd person only).

Tips to maximize your grade:

  • Add a title to the Annotated Bibliography (e.g. Research on Health Care Management Careers, Bibliography for Researched Report on Technical Support Professional for [Company Name], etc.)
  • Pick long articles – easier to summarize
  • Select reliable, current, and relevant sources
  • Use FTCC’s Library – check out business periodicals, or search for a specific journal – it is faster and ensures quality source selection
  • Adjust your search using Advanced Search function – look for full text, publication date between 2017-2020, and peer edited journals
  • Avoid copying sections of abstracts (it is easy to lose points here for not paraphrasing, too)
  • Double check APA and do not rely on Microsoft Word to do it for you
  • Use keywords to help you decide under which section of your presentation the article will be most useful ( career advancement, turnover among [… ], stress or burnout coping or avoiding, etc.)

Chosen Proposal: I am proposing to research how to become a traveling nurse. I will look into what qualifications I need, the clinical areas with the most employment gaps, the most renowned agencies that traveling nurses use, and the countries with systems worldwide that accept nurses on a temporary basis. Further, I would look into the salary and remuneration in this field to compare with what nurses in conventional jobs get, prospective career opportunities, and licensing requirements.

Teacher Feedback to Proposal: Please remember that the annotated bibliography will not be based on websites, but solid academic articles. So the “Problem Statement” part will help you find specific articles. Have fun researching, I hope that the upcoming interview will also prove to be informative and helpful.

Problem Statement of my Proposal: The problem of nurse shortage across the country and beyond has been a prevalent concern among medical practitioners. Hospitals and healthcare organizations have faced challenges trying to fill positions. The problem has primarily been exacerbated by a growing aging population, the COVID-19 pandemic, chronic and lifestyle diseases, and burnout among nurses. Traveling nurses are considered a solution to this shortage.

Scope of Proposal Study: The study will endeavor to respond to the following questions:

  1. What areas in healthcare face the most significant shortage of personnel?
  2. What are the prerequisites of becoming a traveling nurse?
  3. Do the licensing differences among states affect traveling nurses?
  4. What are the career opportunities in the field?
  5. How can one expand to become an international traveling nurse?


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