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University of Nairobi Business Communication Analytical Report

Instructions for Evaluating Analytical Report Presentation (DISCUSSION)


A requirement for successful completion of a Business Communication course includes planning and delivering a business-related oral presentation. In the online learning environment, this can be a challenging objective to attain.

Online Presentation of Your Analytical Report

Planning for this oral report is just as important and involved as planning for written reports.

  • Determine your purpose
  • State the oral report purpose clearly and
  • Determine the factors you will discuss to provide the beginning framework for the oral report.
  • Organizing content well is key to delivering an effective oral
  • Select either the direct or indirect order. Usually, oral reports use indirect order. Introductory comments are needed to prepare listeners to become interested in the message and to be prepared to receive it. Time pressure, though, may force the direct order in oral
  • Introductions in oral reports do all the things in oral reports that they do in written
  • Parts of the body of an oral report are comparably divided. Coherence is also a major consideration in
  • The most significant difference in written and oral reports is in the ending. The oral report is likely to have a final summary after any ending summary/conclusion/recommendation.
  • The final summary is like an executive summary. It recaps the total report in

Discussion Forum Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you will be using an online presentation medium to deliver the following from your analytical report:

  • purpose
  • findings
  • conclusions
  • recommendations

Create a presentation that consists of:

  • a title slide that includes the report title, your name and course name
  • at least one slide for each of the above listed items (a minimum of 5 slides / maximum of 10 slides)
  • Limit your presentation time to no more than 10-minutes.

Creating Presentation Instructions:

Use of Presentation Software:

When most people think of designing visuals to go with a report or speech, they automatically think of PowerPoint—the first widely used, and still the most popular, presentation software. But cloud applications (those hosted by a service provider, not installed on your computer) and apps for mobile devices have really broadened your options.

If you have never used any presentation software, visit the Creative Bloq website article titled: 10 free presentation tools to help you deliver that perfect pitch or CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.) to go directly to the web article at


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