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University of North Carolina Wilmington Internet Safety Video Clip

You will create a 3-minute video clip on the topics of Internet Safety or Copyright-based on the information you researched. You will choose one of the following options and develop a product that can be distributed to your students or parents of your future students. Make sure the content is appropriate for the grade level that you choose to develop for this assignment. Include a credits page of resources used in the clip.

Note: The video clip should be no longer than 3 minutes and the file format should be .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, and .mp4.

Option 1

Create a video clip for students informing them on copyright issues and ‘steps’ they should take when completing assignments to avoid plagiarizing.

Option 2

Create a video clip for students informing them about the importance of internet safety and ‘steps’ they should take to stay safe while on the internet.

Option 3

Create a video clip for the school informing the community members of the importance of internet safety. Include strategies and ‘steps’ to stay safe while on the internet.

Steps for this assignment:


The quality of your video is important if you want to engage your audience and help them learn more about your topic. Here are a few tips for producing great video content, which not only engages your audience but can offer other benefits as well:

  • Make your video user-friendly: when writing your text or narrating your video, use conversational language. Research indicates that individuals learn better when multimedia lessons use words in a conversational style rather than formal style (Mayer, 2001).
  • Pace your video: break down the content of your video presentation into chunks (i.e., pieces of information that go well together). Research indicates that individuals learn better when a multimedia lesson is presented in segments rather than as a continuous unit (Mayer, 2001).
  • Use interactive elements: use transition effects to change to a new slide or a new topic. This can help break down the information and assist in the transition of your new topic. But be careful! Too many transitions can be distracting and you might not get your point across!!


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