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University of North Texas Chapter 21 Benefits of Biometric Machines Analytical Report

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PLEASE DO NOT BID PRIOR TO READING THE DETAILS – I have put the timeframe for two days since the first part is due then however, I will extend the time for another 3 days after the completion of the first part

Choose a topic for an analytical report from a problem or question for analysis from your major (nursing) or some other subject of interest. Once you determine your subject, follow the steps outlined at the end of Chapter 21 under “Projects, General.” You will see “Prepare an analytical report, using this procedure,” (which I will provide for you) step a. through step g.

  • For Writing Assignment 5: Write a Proposal Memo in which you present reasons why you feel an Analytical Report is needed. Instead of addressing the proposal to me, imagine a corporate executive or some business person for whom your proposal would hold some interest. This person would be the business executive in charge of approving your proposal and in implementing any changes your subsequent analytical report might suggest. In this initial proposal, you merely cite possible sources for your investigation, but you aren’t responsible for actually doing the analysis. Save that for the upcoming (PART 2 of the report) , where you will actually carry out your analytical investigation and research. Click on this link to view a sample Writing Assignment 5: WA5-Sample-016.pdf. Note: Do not include the numbers, notes, or highlighting from the sample. These are for your information and not a part of the submission
  • Please note that this is a MULTI_PART assignment with the first thing being due this Monday on the 24th, second part(draft) and response to group mates posts on the 25th and the final draft due on the 26th.
  • PART 2 is the actual report draft in which you will conduct your research, identify or confirm possible solutions, and present your evidence. It is the fruition of the task you tried to show was needed in part 1. PART 3 will be the final report that you will analyze, revise based on the feedback provided
  • I will provide with more information if you’re interested


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