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University of Phoenix Law Enforcement Officer in The US Discussion

These are 2 class discussion posts. respond with facts/opinions, whether you agree or disagree, and any add-ons to what they’re saying. 50 words each statement.

1)In the state of Maryland, to obtain a position as a local law enforcement officer the requirements consist of having a high school diploma and/or GED, minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, must pass the law enforcement entrance, and must have graduated from the police academy. The federal law enforcement agency requires the applicant to be a US citizen with, valid driver’s license must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting, computer systems, and criminology. The requirements in the state of Maryland to become a state police officer go as follows: Attendance of applicant orientation, functional fitness assessment test, POST written examination, oral interview, polygraph examination, background investigation, medical testing, and police selection committee.

2)To become an officer the requirements here in California would be that when applying you need to at least be the age of 20 by the time of employment and 21 to join the policing academy graduation. Their education requirements you must have obtained a High School Diploma from a credited school and must have a two-four-year college degree can be substituted for a G.E.D. According to the “The Academy “(2021)” a full-time cadet is required to have 888 intensive course training that will satisfy the California Commission Peace officer training also known as (POST). Like most jobs, the training usually meets Monday thru Friday from 8 am-5 pm. This training is usually a six-month period. Some basic knowledge that the academy would consist of would-be Criminal Law, patrolling procedures, report writing, leadership, accident investigation, etc. Along with this teaching, some prerequisites must be met. Pass the POST reading and writing test, past and agility test, pass the academy application process, have a clean DMV record. When doing research, they all seem to be the same requirements here in California, as time moves on obviously more education and experience are required when ranking up in the force. I know with my choice of becoming a Criminal Lawyer a lot of education and training will be required.


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