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University of Phoenix Oxycodone and the Opioid Crisis Presentation

select one specific drug to focus on for your final Learning Team Assignment. This one drug can be an illicit drug— (such as heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, MDMA, etc.), OR a prescription drug— (such as Xanax, Oxycodone, Paxil etc.), OR a legal drug (such as marijuana [in some states], alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

Develop a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation with at least 1 paragraph of substantive speaker notes for every content slide in which you addressed the following:

  • Identify your selected drug and define its primary use in USA culture (be sure to include title page and strong statement about why you selected your drug; this section 2-3 slides).
  • Identify rates of use and populations affected by using this drug (be sure to cover sociological concerns and diversity, as well as, statistics and rates stats; 2-3 slides).
  • Discuss the regions of the brain affected by this drug and how this drug alters brain chemistry (include information about the specific neurotransmitters involved and regions of the brain affected; 2-3 slides).
  • Explain how high versus low doses of this drug compared in altering behavior, mood, and cognition (discuss the effects of dosage on addiction; 1-2 slides).
  • Discuss the implications of onetime, casual, or long-term use on the physiology of the brain, and on behavior, mood, and cognition (for example, can a person use this drug moderately and not experience effects, etc; 2-3 slides).
  • Explain how therapeutic interventions would be used to treat the addiction (discuss current treatment options, like you did in your Week 5 paper, and recommendations for treatment; 2-3 slides.
  • Intro and Conclusion slides
  • Add citations in slides and full reference either to the speaker notes or as a footnote on slides and be sure to have at least 5-10 references for entire presentation.
  • Be sure that substantive speaker notes to include what you would actually say if the presentation was given to a live audience. Use full sentences.
  • Be sure that your slides have between 4-5 sentences on every slide and avoid one-word statements “drugs”.
  • Add ample graphics, pictures, diagrams, etc. to every slide and add a PP theme.
  • Use between 18-24 point font.


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