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University of Phoenix Police Misconduct Discussion Responses

This is a class discussion post. You must respond to these 2 statements by facts or opinion and even add ons to what they’re saying.

1) With the death of George Floyd being captured on camera, it sparked protest all over the United States. On June 3, 2020, two Richmond City police officers Mark Janowski and Christopher Brown spat on protestors and deliberately drove their police vehicle into a crowd of peaceful protestors. They had 18n indictments formed against them but the jury assigned to their case only moved forward with two charges. On October 6, 2020, the both was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. In my opinion when you are having a protest especially for a cause, It a must that it remains peaceful in the beginning, middle and end. You have some people who come to protest peaceful and others who are their to start a riot. That goes the same with police. They are there to make sure the crowd remains calm but how can it when they come suited and prepared for the worst. It was considered misconduct because the officers deliberately did these things just to calm the crowd down but it only made them even more angry. Spitting on anyone is unacceptable so what gives the police the right to do it. They could’ve also tried a different approach level with the vehicle but in that moment they decided not to.

2)We have heard countless stories about police misconduct around the United States and it’s been going on for years, now it seems so more than ever with the national media having an impact on high profiled misconduct cases, reporting on them and shinning the spot light on Police. along with social media also reporting on misconduct people’s opinions are at an all time high. In Austin, Texas in April of 2020 an unarmed Black man Michael Ramos was shot and killed by Austin Police officer Mitchell Pipper. Ramos was asked to step out of his vehicle and raise his shirt, when he did it was obvious that Ramos was unarmed, Ramos then entered his car when officers fired a lead filled bag into his vehicle, seconds later Ramos attempted to pull out of the parking lot yelling to officers that he was unarmed when Michell Pipper fired three shots into his car Killing Ramos. It’s hard to say what should have been done but trying to deescalate the situation is a sure thing, also maybe asking Ramos to take his keys out of the ignition, not saying that he would have done so but maybe try and what is to say it wasn’t tried. Officer Pipper was released of his duties and eventually was indicted or Murder in March of 2021.


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