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University of Rhode Island Unethical Behavior for Apple Inc Analysis Paper

Write a 1-page paper in which you describe the problem or issue from a leader’s or manager’s perspective. Include references to sources you used to identify the problem or issue. The submission of the 1-page topic paper. When the topic will be approved by professor, I will invite you to write this paper. (1 page, not including the cover page and references)


The paper is your practice making ethical decisions as a manager or leader by applying concepts learned throughout the course.

For the topic of your paper, you may choose one of two options:

1. Find an issue or problem in business or professional ethics from the business pages of a newspaper, business magazine, or from your own personal experience.

2. Find an ethical problem or issue in a profession that you are interested in, employed in, or expect to enter later in your career.

The problem or issue you select must be one for which you can explore the options for an ethical solution to the problem/issue from the perspective of a leader or manager, using the concepts we cover in the course (see questions below).

In a 6-8 pages APA-formatted paper, in which you discuss the following:

1. Explain the problem or issue, presenting perspectives on the various sides of the conflict. If possible, include differing opinions that have been given about the conflict. Clearly state what the ethical problem is. This section should be neutral and objective.

2. Discuss the way three different ethical philosophies or frameworks would deal with the problem/issue. Do not present your opinions or solutions to the problem here.

3. Identify the stakeholders and their interests/positions in the problem/issue.

4. Describe the ethical concepts or laws that apply to the problem/issue and how they apply (eg. corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, consumer protection, employment laws, etc.).

5. Using the perspective of a leader or manager, what is the best solution to the problem or issue? Which ethical philosophies guide the decision? Explain the decision-making process.

For this paper should be well-written with good organization, no writing errors, and citations to sources that support or provide evidence for the ideas and claims presented in the paper. Use headings to identify the different sections of your paper.


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