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University of San Francisco Difference between the Rinne & Weber Tests Questions

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1. The sense of hearing is assessed using which standardized test?

2. Which step is the final step that is used during the physical assessment of the abdomen?

3. Which sound should you expect to hear when you percuss the liver during a complete physical assessment?

4. A comprehensive health assessment includes:

5. You are caring for a client who has been assessed as having a past history of violent and dangerous behaviors towards others. You, as the nurse, are concerned about this client’s past history and the dangers that may adversely affect others including staff, visitors and other clients on the unit. What is the first thing that you should do to prevent violence towards others?

6. You are caring for a client who has been taking illicit amphetamines and states that they continue to use this illicit drug because they “suffer and feel lousy” when they try to stop taking it. Which nursing diagnosis is the most appropriate for this client?

7. You are the supervising nurse in a physical rehabilitation center that has the philosophy that clients have the need to cope with their disabilities and its limitations are the result of a discrepancy between the client’s abilities and the limitations of the physical and social environment within which the client lives. Which model of disability is this philosophy based on?

8. Place the following phases of crisis in the correct sequential order. Order each response with a number from first to last, with #1 as the first phase of crisis to #4 which is the fourth phase of crisis. 1. The signs and symptoms of the General Adaptation Syndrome 2. Detachment and disorientation 3. Trying alternative methods of coping 4. The use of psychological ego defense mechanisms

9. Your client in crisis is detaching from self. Which psychological ego defense mechanism is this client most likely using?

10. You are the Assistant Director of Nursing in a multiethnical and culturally diverse inner city acute care facility. You will be chairing a committee to develop a philosophy of nursing that addresses these facility characteristics and the characteristics of the clients. Which theoretical framework would you recommend that this committee should consider when addressing mutiethnicity and the culturally diverse nature of this facility for this philosophy?


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