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University of South Florida Neandertals & Hominins Anthropology Questions

Research Paper Assignment

The topic for this research paper is to compare and contrast the hominins that lived from about 500,000 years ago to about 200,000 years ago in various regions of the world: H. erectus, H. heidelbergensis, Archaic H. sapiens, H. naledi and H. floresiensis. In your opinion, are these distinctly separate species or could they be regional versions of the same pre-modern human species?

This assignment is NOT a Position Paper in which you argue your position on the topic. This is a research paper to be completed by reviewing, discussing and citing reputable research sources, then stating the conclusion that you reached as the result of your research.

So … how do I do this?

1. Research at least five (5) different sources of reliable scientific information as the basis for your paper. Use the DVC Library Databases and/or other reputable online and/or recently published sources (within the past 4 years: 2017 – 2021) to gain an understanding of the topic.

DO NOT use Wikipedia or similar crowd-contributed websites as sources of information for this paper.

2. Introduce the focus of your paper in a concise thesis statement that appears at the end of your first paragraph. A thesis statement tells the reader what the paper is about. This means that you will need to have a clear idea of what you are writing about BEFORE you start!

3. Discuss what you learned about the pre-modern hominins that lived during the time frame under reference and what conclusion(s) can be drawn from your research. You might want to create an outline for the body of your paper to organize all of the information you wish to present so that it flows in an orderly fashion.

4. Recap and conclude. Your conclusion must include a restatement of your thesis and clearly reference your research and analysis of this topic.

5. Submit your completed assignment by clicking on the Turn-It-In link at the bottom of the Assignment page on the course website or the Submit Assignment link at the top right corner of the Assignment page if the Turn-It-In link is not visible (Canvas links to the Turn-It-In website occasionally do not work).


Every student must write their own, original work written specifically for this spring 2021 class, based on their individual understanding of the information currently available for this assignment. Use your own words and syntax to restate information. Do NOT copy someone else’s work, change a few words and try to say that this is your work. This is plagiarism. Plagiarized papers will receive a score of “0”.

Turning in your work:

Save and submit your work as a Word doc or .docx or .odt or .pdf or .rtf file. The course website does not support .pages, Google Docs or ZIP file formats. I will not be able to open your file. I cannot grade your paper if I cannot open your file! Assignments submitt in .pages file format or Google Docs or in ZIP file format will receive an automatic score of “0”.

Requirements for this Assignment

A. Type your name, the topic (Third Assignment) and the due date in the top left corner of your paper. DO NOT put anything else at the top of the page. DO NOT use a cover page, DO NOT include an abstract for this paper.

B. Minimum at least four full pages of text. 4 to 5 pages is an appropriate length for this assignment. Double-spaced, one-inch margins (check your left and right margins), typed in English, using any 12-point font.

C. Include a full source page at the end of your paper (five sources minimum, more than 5 is acceptable, fewer than 5 is not). List complete source citations in APA format. You learned how to do this in the previous assignment for this class. No annotations this time, though.

D. Use in-text citations to identify the source(s) of quoted and/or technical and/or highly specialized information included in your paper. In-text citations look like this: (family name of author, first initials of author, year of publication). For example: (Smithson, J. 2019).

E. DO NOT use footnotes. Science research papers do not use footnotes, only in-text citations to attribute short quotes and/or highly technical material.


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