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University of South Florida Quintessential American Style Questions

watch this video The Peoples Republic of Capitalism Part 1 HD, 1280×720 – YouTube, and answer the questions. Questions for The People’s Republic of Capitalism

1. List ways that the US and China are connected to each other from the video. (Answer in one
paragraph using at least 3 examples)
2. At about the 9:30 minute mark, the narrator, Ted Koppel, says that the destruction of a hotel is done in “quintessentially American style”. What did he mean by this phrase? How is it different from the Chinese method? (Answer in approximately 3-4 sentences)
3. A woman from the US discusses shopping at Wal-Mart: “We’re going to wind up having no jobs,
there’s going to be nothing in the United States, it is going to be overseas. I’m just hoping that the government wakes up and starts seeing what it is doing to US citizens.” When asked about why she shops at a place that encourages the shipping of jobs overseas – in a similar manner to how she lost her job – she says “we can save money by shopping at Walmart rather than getting the stuff in this small town” and seems confused about the question. What is the reason for the confusion that she is trying to express? (Explain in one paragraph)
4. The Chinese couple receiving the Ethan Allen couch says “American products always look good and the quality is always good too. And you know my first car was a Buick, which drove very well.
Our new American refrigerator has big double doors it’s really well built; we’re told you can even kick it. My father told me that we can pass it down to our grandchildren. Yes, we can pass both the
couch and the refrigerator down to our grandchildren.” How is this quote ironic (the opposite of what is expected)? (Answer in 3-4 sentences)
5. What similar struggles do Americans and Chinese people face? 


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