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University of Southern California Human Resource Posted Data Essay

To complete this assignment, you will do the following:

1. In order to complete this assignment, you will apply the 3 prong test from our lecture in class Monday night. In order to get started, you won’t need the podcast I promised you which will reiterate Prong #3 “Salary Basis,” as well as providing you with a reiteration of each of the prongs of the entire test.

2. Review the attached PDF job description for the Front Desk Manager and then review the scenario below.

SCENARIO: One of your employees believes the company owes her unpaid overtime. As a front desk manager, she thinks the company misclassified her position as exempt. She has a degree, but the position does not require one. Finally, she earns $40,000.00/year.

3. For your assignment submissions, discuss the process you will use (the steps you will take) to determine if she should be receiving overtime as she claims. You are applying the 3 prong test. Be sure to draw a conclusion about whether or not she is Exempt or Non-Exempt.

As you prepare your submission, you may find yourself needing more information to determine the answer to one of the prongs. Please state the question you need answered or what information you don’t have and then presume both sides. Here’s a cooking example: you must cook a dish and explain the process in writing. Your recipe requires oil, but you don’t know if you have oil available, so you would say something like: “….this recipe requires oil and we don’t know if we have any oil. If we have oil, then we need 1/4 cup. If we do not have oil, then we could use 1/2 half cup applesauce as a substitute.”

You will do something similar here. In your response if you need more information in order to answer, you will answer both sides of the issue (e.g, “oil is available” or “oil is not available and we used applesauce as a substitute.”). I can’t say too much here on point with the 3 prong test because I might give something away. I think when you sit down and start working through it, this will make sense. If it doesn’t, PLEASE reach out and we’ll get your question answered.


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