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University of Sydney Media and Cosmopolitanism Paper & Infographic

Project elements(Total 1800 words)(pdf and doc)

Make sure you only Paraphrase for the citation part!! Do not cite exactly the same sentences.

Paraphrase from Waisbord’s article and contents from news website I provided.

  • Introductory text (500-1000 words, pdf format): 1)lists the poster title and author’s student identification number ONLY (no names), 2)introduces the comparative media project, 3)outlines research topic, main argument, and analysis of findings, 4)points to media examples or case studies, 5)explains that contents of the poster, 6)provides reference list
  • .•Poster (USyd template, portrait/landscape, 500-1000 words, pdf format):•A poster is a visual communication tool that serves as a source of information; conversation starter; and a snapshot of your research.•The poster should provoke discussion about comparative G-South media research.•The poster should be informative and visually appealing.•The poster should include voices from the global South •The text should be easily read. (Put words and images)

    Branding:•To keep all posters consistent with USyd branding: use logos as provided, all headings and sub-headings in Ariel font, and all body text in Calibri font.

    Text size recommendations when using USyd template:

  • Main heading – Ariel, size 55
  • Sub-headings – Ariel, size 35
  • Body text – Calibri, size 32
  • Author name(s), Degree/Unit of study (MECO6926 International Media Practice) Calibri Bold, size 26
  • Topic:

    Waisbord (2015) proposes cosmopolitanism, not area studies, can further “de-Westernize” media studies. What evidence does your research find to support her claim?

    Conduct comparative studies of non-Western cases. Explicit comparisons of news coverage of media and politics across two countries(South Korea and Thailand) to explain differences and similarities. Comparison of two countries’ news is the most important part!!!

    You must compare same type of news but reported in two different countries(South Korea and Thailand). Eg: Coronavirus(same topic in two different countries) or the specific coronavirus case reported by two different countries. But we can not write Coronavirus in this assignment.

    Useful News Link: (Global News Website– By choosing countries) (South Korea) (Thailand News Website)

    Tips for Posters

    Tell readers why your work matters, what you did, what you found, and what you recommend. Avoid excessive focus on methods – it’s the results and implications that count!

    Overall appearance. Use a pleasing arrangement of graphics, text, colours. Your poster should be neat and uncluttered – use white space to help organise sections. Balance the placement of text and figures.

    Organisation. Use the headings to help readers find what they’re looking for: Context, objective, impact, conclusions, etc. A columnar format helps traffic flow in a crowded poster session.

    Minimize text – use graphics. Keep text in blocks of no more than 50-75 words – don’t create large, monolithic paragraphs of prose.

    Use colour cautiously. Dark letters on light background are easiest to read. Stick to a theme of 2-3 colours. Avoid overly bright colours.

    Don’t fight reader gravity, which pulls the eyes from top to bottom (first), and left to right.

    Prepare a verbal explanation. Have a talking point. Give the big picture, explain why the problem is important, and use the graphics on your poster to illustrate and support your findings and recommendations.

    (The poster sample provided only give you the direction of structure, not the content.)


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