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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga MOD4 Ongkas Big Moka Discussion Board

Module 4 Discussion: Ongka’s Big Moka

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The Module 4 Discussion builds on this week’s discussion of economic systems and systems of exchange as seen in the film, Ongka’s Big Moka. This film characterizes one man’s quest to host a ceremony, provides an example of how systems of exchange structure social networks and community relationships, and illustrates how systems of exchange place demands on economic systems.

To complete this discussion, watch Ongka’s Big Moka (60 minutes) through the UTC Library website (Links to an external site.). After viewing the film, answer the following questions in a discussion post and then respond to two other student posts.

What is the purpose of a moka and why are pigs involved?

Can a moka be prepared by a single person? A single family? A village? Explain your reasoning, considering how the moka serves to unite or isolate members of a community.

Of egalitarian, ranked, or stratified, which type of society is shown in the film?

Ongka’s title is described as a Big Man. How strict is the authority of a Big Man? What tools does he use to exert authority and gain influence?

The film shows the effects of warfare and raiding on the proposed moka ceremony, highlighting the different ways in which neighboring tribes interact. How does the moka ceremony take the place of warfare between different tribes?

Are there ceremonies or rituals in our own society that mirror that of the moka?

Ongka’s Big Moka Film Instructions:  To watch Ongka’s Big Moka, click the link above while logged in to your UTC mocs account, Canvas, or the UTC library. Then click on the link under View Online. Watch the approximately one hour film. If you have a hard time understanding the text, turn on the close captions on the video.


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