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University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley Pictures Art Elements of Everyday Objects

You will use your camera to take photographs of the 10 different principle examples listed below.

The subjects used in your photographs should be everyday objects or things that you would not normally consider art or artistic. If you think the object or thing you want to photograph might be considered visual art made by a human, don’t use it for your project.

The photographs cannot be of artwork of any kind nor can you use photographs that you already have taken. They must be taken for the project, not of your family vacation six months ago for example.

Do not arrange objects or things to photograph. (Do not create a still life; move objects or people to set up the perfect example.) Take pictures of objects as you find them. Instead of moving the objects or people, move yourself around and find another example to photograph.

The subjects must be of observations in your everyday life. The more original and interesting your photograph is, the better your grade will be.

You can take as many photographs as you like and choose the 10 best examples for your project.

You should only have 2 photos on each page, 5 pages total. If you have trouble pasting 2 photographs per page, do not worry about it, just paste 1 photograph per page. Each page containing photographs should have the specific type of art principle typed above or below the photograph explaining what is represented. Be very specific. I shouldn’t have to guess.

You must also add the additional text similar to the sample to clarify where the principle appears in your photograph.10 Photographs: Art Element Examples

1. Balance (symmetrical balance)

2. Balance (radial balance)

3. Unity

4. Variety (using two-dimensional shapes) 5. Emphasis (using color)

6. Emphasis (using three-dimensional form) 7. Subordination

8. Scale (large vs small using nature)

9. Proportion (Expected, Exact)

10. Proportion (Unexpected, Altered)


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