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University of the Cumberlands Analyzing and Solving Ethical Dilemma Paper

Submit the paper for analyzing and solving an ethical dilemma following the attached outline which include details of the expectations for this assignment.

Please find attached document for more details, please use APA format

Paper – Topic Examples

Should consumer protection regulations limit residential mortgage interest rates?

Can employers who pay health insurance benefits require employees to be non-smokers?

Should national health care be funded by a national sales tax?

Non-compensated boards: Advantages for better corporate oversight

Should colleges abolish athletic scholarships?

Pros and cons of legal drinking at 18

Are college athletes under less academic scrutiny than other students?

Government bailouts: Why should the taxpayers ante up for corporate misdeeds?

Conflict of interest: Private prisons and the burgeoning U.S. prison population

The end of unions: Has the moral imperative ended for their existence?

Teacher merit pay – Will it help improve our schools?

Failure of competition: Why charter schools haven’t worked as planned.

Civil Unions: Pros and cons for business

Should executive compensation be limited by law?

Do constitutional guarantees of free speech apply to images?

Can employers ban religious symbols in the workplace?

Does “No Child Left Behind” Leave Any Children Behind?

Sex Selection – Should We Choose Our Future Children?

A School Counselor’s Ethical Dilemma – Disclosure to Parents

Is Capital Punishment Ethical: Should Michael Addison Have Received the Death Penalty?

In the Professional Business of Sports is it Ethical for Athletes to Use Steriods?

If You Thought Homeroom was Hard: The Ethics of Military Recruitment in Our Public High Schools

Ethical Issue of Gay Marriage

Automotive Bailout Plan: Ethical or Unethical?

Is Outsourcing Ethical?

Should Senior Management Take Responsibility for Corporate Failure and Scandal?

Ethical Dilemmas of Growth Hormones in Animal Feed

Continuing Gender Discrimination in Title IX Athletics

Ethical Challenges in Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Organizations

Should Countries Require More Regulations on International Trade?

Medical Marijuana: Patients vs. Politics

Business Regulation of Personal Use of Computers

Free Speech and the Workplace

Healthcare: A Human Right

Fake Luxury Products In China

The Growth in Chinese Luxury Goods: Effects on the Chinese Economy

Advertising’s Bad Effects on Young People

Bioethical Dilemma: Ethics of Cloning for Reproduction

Euthanasia: Suicide, Mercy Killing or Right-to-Die?

Should the U.S. Government Prohibit Gun Ownership?

Abortion (Un)Ethical

The Ethical Position of Gambling in the United States

Is Foreign Aid Helping or Hurting Haiti?

Reverse Discrimination

Severance Packages: Ethically Defensible?

Tatoos and Piercings: Discrimination in the Workplace

Sex Selection – Should We Choose Our Future Children?

Ethics of Police Interrogations

Does Whistle-Blowing Violate Company Loyalty?

Digital Piracy and the Music Industry: What is to Blame for the Industry’s Downfall?

Ethical Issues in Using Pirated Software

Cultural Roadblocks to Ending Bribery

Should Genetically Modified Food be Labeled as Such?

Employer Monitoring of Employee Email and Internet Usage

please select from any of the above topics for your paper

On the number of papers, please try to cover as much as matter you can based on recommended outline


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