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University of The Cumberlands CH5 Information Systems for Business Questions

Answer below questions, Chapter 5 & 6 in Information Systems for Business and Beyond

References: At least two peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.

Chapter 7 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 2

Study questions:

1. What is the productivity paradox?

2. Summarize Carr’s argument in “Does IT Matter.”

3. How is the 2008 study by Brynjolfsson and McAfee different from previous studies? How is it the same?

4. What does it mean for a business to have a competitive advantage?

5. What are the primary activities and support activities of the value chain?

6. What has been the overall impact of the Internet on industry profitability? Who has been the true winner?

7. How does EDI work?

8. Give an example of a semi-structured decision and explain what inputs would be necessary to provide assistance in making the decision.

9. What does a collaborative information system do?

10. How can IT play a role in competitive advantage, according to the 2008 article by Brynjolfsson and McAfee?


2. Do some independent research on Nicholas Carr (the author of “IT Doesn’t Matter”) and explain his current position on the ability of IT to provide competitive advantage.

Chapter 8 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 2

Study questions:

1. What does the term business process mean?

2. What are three examples of business process from a job you have had or an organization you have observed?

3. What is the value in documenting a business process?

4. What is an ERP system? How does an ERP system enforce best practices for an organization?

5. What is one of the criticisms of ERP systems?

6. What is business process re-engineering? How is it different from incrementally improving a process?

7. Why did BPR get a bad name?

8. List the guidelines for redesigning a business process.

9. What is business process management? What role does it play in allowing a company to differentiate itself?

10. What does ISO certification signify?


2.Review the return policies at your favorite retailer, then answer this question. What information systems do you think would need to be in place to support their return policy?


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