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University of The Cumberlands Data Analysis Visualization Project

Your assignment objective reverts to the data and research objective you were assigned in week four, the first part of the visualization project. Need to refresh your memory? Go to the folder labeled Visualization Project Instructions to access parts one and two of the visualization project. 

You are not creating or writing a planning document. You should use your planning information to tailor your results. You will demonstrate your understanding of the visualization process in this assigned work.

  • You will present the results to management via a written report based on the customer complaint data.
  • You must use the objective assigned in the Homework 2 Instructions (part 1 of the project).
  • You must use the data provided in the Homework 3 Instructions (part 2 of the project).
  • I highly encourage you to work through the information provided in R and RStudio, Units 1 – 6, before working on this project.
  • Do not forget to cite and reference the data sources. Failure to credit external sources is not acceptable.

You are responsible for submitting 2 items, a paper, and an R script file.


  • Your figures will not contain any other part of RStudio. Do not include images of programming code nor programming code in your paper. That information is only needed in the R script you submit. This is not a ‘how-to’ in R.
  • When you document your work in your paper, provide an interpretation of every figure in your paper. Label every figure with the word Figure and a numeric index, like Figure 1, followed by Figure 2. Keep your figures left-align. When you provide your interpretations, make sure to include what figure you are referring to. For example, Shown in Figure 1, there is… and the rest of your interpretations. Alternatively, your reference to a figure could follow the information you have written based on the figure shown at the end of this sentence (see Figure 1). The figure annotation within the confines of a figure is in bold letters. The following line is the title of the figure; it is in italics and not bolded. 
  • All figures in the paper must be key findings. There should be many more visualizations in the programming than in the paper because key findings must be assessed from multiple perspectives.
  • When providing your interpretations, use real words. Do not use odd capitalization or variable names unless the variable name is a real word. 

Script file

  • This file should contain everything needed to run the file. If steps were taken to modify the original data set in previous homework submissions (i.e., part 1, part 2, or part 3), include that programming code in this script file. All libraries should still be found in one place, near the top of the script file, after the leading comments required in every script file.
  • The programming shall include the questions you posed to yourself to drive your analysis in the comments.
  • You will have more visualizations of data in your programming than in your paper. If you program a graph that is not meaningful, annotate that in comments in your programming but do not include that visualization in your paper.
  • Do not leave incomplete programming code in your script file. 
  • You may receive a warning when you submit your work. This warning indicates that SafeAssign does not automatically check R script files. This is not an error and is not preventing your submission.


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