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University of the Cumberlands Week 13 Intro to Data Mining Response

False Discovery Rate

False discovery rate can be depicted as the anticipated proportion of type 1 errors. Elaboratively, the type 1 error is when one rejects the null hypothesis and gets a false positive. Typically, the FDR regulating procedures are formed to regulate the FDR, which is the anticipated proportion of false discoveries. Notably, the FDR is the anticipated ratio of the number of false discoveries to the overall rejections of the null. Ideally, the FDR method is applied as an alternate to the Bonferroni correction. It regulates for a reduced proportion of false positives at the expense of protecting against undertaking any false positive conclusion in any case. Therefore, in this context, the outcome is often escalated statistical power and minimized type 1 errors.

The prevalence of the falsely rejected hypothesis linked with numerous hypothesis testing can be depicted as an intense risk to the knowledge landscape in the scientific literature (Naouma & Pataky, 2019). In this context, there have been efforts to control the rates of false discovery rates; thus, false discovery rates can be avoided and mitigated using statistical methods tools. These statistical techniques have robust and developed procedures that evaluate data analysis, including hypothesis testing and significance testing. In addition, careful data collection, proper methodology, preprocessing, and domain knowledge are also paramount in mitigating positive discoveries (Tan et al.,2018). Typically, distributions and probability can be used where the domain of the variable should be considered, for instance, the range of real numbers and the subset of integers.

After an extensive analysis of the case used, the FDR and the RFT thresholds are computationally effective since both are parametric, but FDR has the capability to adapt to the signal features of specific datasets (Naouma & Pataky, 2019). Conclusively, the surmised results also depicted that RFT and FDR converged as the true signal diverges and weakens when the signal is wide regarding the proportion of the size of the continuum it inhabits.


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