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University of Utah Chef Position Short Personal Ad

the book is The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro (1989)

***This week’s lectures and assignments will address the first half of the novel (~126 pages), which includes the following chapters:

“Prologue – July 1956 – Darlington Hall”

“Day One, Evening, Salisbury”

“Day Two, Morning, Salisbury”

“Day Two, Afternoon, Mortimer’s Pond, Dorset”

Looking for Love (or Work)

Stevens is almost certainly the roundest character we’ll meet in this course, and his detailed and nuanced narration exhibits not only his actions, behaviors, and decisions (what he does), but also his internal thought-process and reflections (why he does these things). In short, his very distinctive personality—with all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies—is on full display. Drawing on all you know about who Stevens is (and it should be quite a lot already), and what he cares about and “makes him tick,” complete one of the following “creative response” options below.

1) Looking for Love: Compose a short personal ad or dating profile for Stevens. Make sure to provide some biographical info, an account of his (hopefully appealing!) personality traits, and what type of person/relationship he is looking for.

2) Looking for Work: Imagine that Stevens needs to find a new career. Decide what job he will apply for (something other than butler/household staff), and then compose a short cover letter for Stevens that could accompany his resume as he applies for the job. Make sure to write your response in the form of an actual cover letter.

Tips: For this TLR, you are not writing about Stevens; you are actually pretending to write as Stevens. So, you’ll want to compose your dating profile or cover letter in first person and take on his persona. Remember that you are trying to make an appeal to either a prospective employer or potential romantic partner. So, make sure to draw on the skills, attributes, and professional experience that might make Stevens a good fit for the job or the personality traits, qualities, and values that might make him a “good catch.”


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