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UofM Day to Day and Circadian Rhythm Questionnaires Discussion

This activity is meant to give you an opportunity to apply psychological concepts to your own life and understand how you can make daily adjustments to get more out of your day! There are 2 parts to this activity. 1) Complete the day-to-day mindfulness questionnaire and, 2) complete the morning-eveningness circadian rhythm questionnaire (attached here). There is no need to upload the completed questionnaires. Respond to the following:

  1. After completing the day-to-day questionnaire, report your mindfulness score (it is the sum of the 15 questions, so scores can range from 15-90). Higher scores reflecting greater mindfulness, that is, greater attention to and awareness of current experiences. Scores are positively linked with diverse measures of flourishing, including life satisfaction, optimism, and self-esteem. Similarly, higher scores are associated with less anxiety, depression, and hostility. Researchers suggest that mindfulness fosters well-being and happiness by adding clarity and vividness to experience. It may also facilitate our choosing behaviors that are consistent with our needs, values, and interest. Think about how you can increase your mindfulness ( Choose a mindfulness meditation online (just do a google search to find one). Discuss how you feel after completing the meditation. Is this something you might incorporate into your day?
  2. Complete the circadian rhythms questionnaire. What was your score? Completing this questionnaire will help you appreciate all the components involved in circadian rhythms, including sleeping and waking cycles, body temperature, and blood-sugar level. After completing the questionnaire, apply you knowledge of your own circadian rhythm to your life by discussing your rhythms’ effect on your personal and social lives. For example, based on your rhythm, when would be the best time of day for you to work and why? When should you tackle the most difficult projects and why? What time of day should you focus on relaxing and why? When do you think would be best to incorporate a mindfulness meditation into your day and why?


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