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UofM Fake News as A Result of the Increase in Internet & Social Media Use Essay


Internet technology and social media increase people’s chances to get more fake news because fake news may carry the look/feel of authority, so people don’t question it.

Word count for this paper: at least 1600 words. 


Your Essay 1 Final Draft represents the culmination of our work during the first half of the course and intended to demonstrate your progress toward meeting or exceeding each of course learning outcomes.

  • describe and practice writing as a multi-faceted process of inquiry, learning, and expression;
  • practice writing as a social process through compassionate and critical response to your peers’ work and revision of your own writing in response to peer and instructor feedback;
  • practice ethical argumentation in discussion and writing through open and curious engagement with multiple perspectives;
  • develop audience awareness and practice respectful treatment of audience in accomplishing your writing purposes;
  • identify and critically apply style conventions for writing in an academic context.


Essay 1 Final Draft due by Tuesday by 11:59pm

Include the following elements:

  • Same formatting as the first draft.. 
    • Include the following elements:
    • Your essay final draft must incorporate revisions. This is different from editing! Editing involves minor tweaks to words and grammar. Revision means things like narrowing the enthymeme, cutting paragraphs, adding new paragraphs, shifting your evidence, reorganizing, etc.
      • In your body paragraphs, engage in conversation with your sources and treat them like people you are writing to, not just places to get facts or figures. Include summary, paraphrase, and quotation from two or three sources of your choice, use MLA format. 
      • Use Transitions (Links to an external site.) between paragraphs to guide your reader through the essay. Remember you are writing an essay, not a series of notes or bullet points like an outline.
        • Your Conclusion should answer the questions, “So what?” and “Why do I care about this issue?” 
        • Include a Works Cited list after your conclusion providing complete citations for the two (or three) sources you used in the essay. 


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