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UofM Should I Give Advice or Receive It Article Critique Paper

The Research Paper Assignment

Total word count at least 500. 

One of the main objectives of this course is to learn how to be a wise consumer of psychological research. This research critique will give you practice reading and communicating clearly and effectively about psychological research.

For this assignment, please choose one of the two sets of articles listed below. Each set consists of two items: (a) an original peer-reviewed journal article, and (b) a media report covering the research. All materials for this assignment are posted on Canvas.

Carefully read both the original peer-reviewed journal article and the media report. Then write a paper with the following two sections. Please use headings to separate the two sections. Double-space your document and use a 12-point font (Times New Roman or similar).

1. Summary of the peer-reviewed article (150-250 words). Briefly summarize the key aspects of the journal article. Your summary should include answers to the following questions: What were the main variables? What was the key finding or findings? What theory do the findings support or refute?

2. Critique of the media coverage (300-400 words). Analyze and critique the journalist’s coverage of the research, using what you learned from reading the original journal article. In this section, make two significant points, dedicating separate paragraphs to each one. (Each significant point should be a different argument, critique, etc. about a different question or issue.) You may choose from the following questions to guide your critique:

  • What did the journalist get right?
  • What did the journalist get wrong, and why?
  • What might the journalist have said differently?
  • If the journalist made any causal claims, were they accurate? (Apply the 3 causal criteria).
  • Did the journalist focus on the same key finding as the scientists did?
  • Did the journalist accurately describe the procedures of the study? Did the journalist leave details out?

Article options (choose one!!!)

Note: All of the journal articles and media reports are available on Canvas under Files.

Choice Set 1: Giving vs. getting advice

Peer-reviewed journal article: Eskreis-Winkler, L., Fishbach, A., & Duckworth, A. L. (2018). Dear Abby: Should I give advice or receive it? Psychological Science, 29, 1797-1806.(see attached file)

Media report


2. Psychologists have surprising advice for people whofeel unmotivated (see attached file)

Choice Set 2: Adapting to happiness

Peer-reviewed journal article : O’Brien, E., & Kassirer, S. (2019). People are slow to adapt to the warm glow of giving. Psychological Science, 30, 193-204. (see attached file)

Media report


2. Buying Christmas presents is thegift that keeps on giving, saysscience (see attached file)


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