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UofM Story of Second World War Propaganda Exhibition with Cartoons Paper

TASK: Pretend that you are a museum curator and you have been tasked with putting together an exhibit telling the story of World War II propaganda. For your first post you need to undertake the following tasks: 1) select a minimum of six cartoons for your exhibit drawing exclusively from the assigned Primary Document PDF (see attached file) for this discussion post; 2) indicate a title for your exhibit; 3) write a two-paragraph opening statement for your exhibit, explaining what theme/s you are exploring and relating those themes back to your exhibit; and 4) justify the cartoons you have chosen for your exhibit.

Information taken from sources other than the primary documents will not be evaluated and posts that are structured thusly will not count.  You can, though, use your knowledge of the podcasts and the textbook for framing purposes, meaning typically one sentence per paragraph to set the scene.  At least 90 percent of what you say needs to come from the documents in the form of summarizing content, minimally quoting, and analyzing.  If a mathematical proportion would help you consider how much to summarize, how much to quote, and how much to analyze, consider the following as a good rule of thumb:  60 percent summary and discussion, 20 percent quotation, and 20 percent analysis. 

Remember the directions in the syllabus that state “All students need to say something new, meaning discuss a different document or make a different point about the documents already discussed.”


  1. Document usage requirements: Be sure that you use at least three different primary documents from the assigned PDF for your first post. For each of your subsequent posts use a document not yet discussed in your group’s DB.
  2. Permissible and impermissible sources: Completion of the DB assignment requires consultation of no additional sources. You must not use Wikipedia or any other Internet source. Use only your assigned materials: the primary documents, e-book, and podcasts. I instruct the TAs to ignore material derived from unauthorized sources, so using such material will only hurt your grade.


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