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UOM Global Economy Questions

1.1 The Inca empire was cemented (joined) by diplomacy fromQuito, Ecuador to Santiago, Chile in South America. True ☐ False ☐ Defend your answer:

1.2 One of the Spanish’s great contribution to the world was its silver dollar, “ocho reales” – minted in Mexico and Peru – that served as money in Asia as well as in the New World. True ☐ False ☐ Defend your answer:

I.3 A simple solution to the great inequality in income distribution in countries like Mexico would be to nationalize the land and redistribute it equally to the workers of the land. True ☐False☐ Defend your answer:

1.4 While Ecuador exports mainly oil, the Galapagos Islands are a good buffer by diversifying Ecuadorian exports in times when oil prices are low. True ☐False☐ Defend your answer:

1.5 Haiti’s economic development suffered due partly to its lack of stable institutions and partly due to badluck. True ☐False☐ Defend your answer:

1.6 ”Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” True ☐False☐ Defend your answer . (30 points, 10 points each) Consider the following statement from the inaugural speech December 1, 2018, by the new President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO):


“In the neoliberal period, corruption became the main function of political power, so if I am asked to express in one sentence the plan of the new government, I reply: to end corruption and impunity. … The fight against corruption and austerity will allow us to free up enough funds, more than we imagine, much more, to boost Mexico’s development.”

Answer the following, expressing your views:

2.1 Do you agree with these objectives?


2.2 Do you think that ending corruption during AMLO’s 6 year term is feasible in Mexico?

● ● ● ● 2.3 Do you think this policy of fighting corruption and impunity will free up significant funds to boost Mexico’s development and growth?


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