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UoU Wk 2 Literary Narratives Classes Have Proved Beneficial to Me Reflection

Final – Part 3: Course Reflection

Overview / Instructions

In Week 2, you responded to TLR #4: Settling In, in which you began to take stock of what you had learned in the first two weeks of our course and reflected on how on how you had already begun to change or evolve as a reader of literary narratives. At the time, you were asked to think and write about (in relation to your experiences with our first literary texts):

  1. changes or developments in the ways you have started to read or think about what you’re reading since the course began (in terms of what you look for, what you’re more aware of/noticing, what you’re interested in or intrigued by, etc.)
  2. concepts, ideas, or insights from the lessons that have proved particularly illuminating, useful, rewarding, or influential

This Final Assignment Course Reflection asks you to revisit and expand your thoughts on these topics in light of the fact that we’ve reached the end of the course. In addition to discussing anew the two areas of interest listed above, your Course Reflection should also consider:

  1. how your reading experiences might have been different had you read our novels and short stories prior to / without having taken this course

Throughout your Course Reflection, consider reading experiences in terms of your:

  • Intellectual engagement / stimulation
  • Readerly awareness / comprehension
  • Appreciation, pleasure, enjoyment
  • Levels of interest, reward, satisfaction, etc.

Expectations & Tips

Approach this Course Reflection as a coherent, detailed, and well-planned personal essay. While you should use first-person and adopt a somewhat less “academic,” conversational tone, you should still present a clear focus, structure, and sense of logical progression (with an introduction, body, conclusion). You are not required or expected to cover the 3 areas of discussion separately or in the order I’ve presented here. Instead, devise an organizational plan that allows you to make observations and synthesize connections between and across these 3 areas in ways that make sense to you and what you’d like to communicate about your growth and development during the course.

Make sure to provide specific evidence and examples from both the course lessons and specific literary narratives in order to support and help convey your thoughts.


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