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US Current Trends in Audience Participation and User Generated Content Discussion

Discuss current trends in online audience participation and user-generated content. Use examples to demonstrate how these new trends are changing the ways that audiences interact with media content.

You must identify the question clearly at the top of the first page of your essay.

You may use examples already discussed in the seminars but you should also show evidence of your own research and thinking by using new examples and case studies. Do not choose an essay topic that is too similar to your seminar presentation topic. If you are not sure, check with your Coordinator.

The essay needs to clearly address the essay question in the introduction and throughout the essay. The essay should also show your argument and develop a clear position on the essay question, but it is important that this point of few is clearly argued, illustrated with examples, and backed up by references and quotations.

The essay questions are designed to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of relevant critical ideas and theories that have been introduced in the Unity of Study. You are expected to show your understanding of key theories and the critical context of your topic through paraphrasing, referencing and quoting from key readings and then apply these ideas to specific examples or case studies. You are also expected to show your independent research by finding additional relevant theoretical references to help support your own ideas and arguments. As a general guide, there should be at least five reference sources in your bibliography that go beyond the set readings. Some suggestions for further readings can be found at the end of this unit profile.

The audience for the essay is an ‘intelligent reader’ but one who is not necessarily an expert in the field, i.e. the typical academic essay audience. Hence students will need to explain key terms and theories, etc. and write in an academic but accessible manner.

Marking Criteria

  1. An effective introduction and conclusion, presenting a clear argument / point of view in response to the essay question.
  2. Research indicating wide reading of relevant literature.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of relevant literature.
  4. A logical, well-developed argument supported by evidence and sound conclusions.
  5. Use of original examples to illustrate your argument.
  6. Writing style, grammar and clarity of expression.
  7. Correct referencing and acknowledgement of sources


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