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US Foreign Attacks Response Post

Post response:

There have been many attacks recently in United States. Most of these attacks were foreign in origin and very sophisticated attacks. For example, the most recent attack was of the colonial pipeline hack, where Russian hackers attacked the servers of colonial pipelines and seized their distribution network for few days. These attackers demanded cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as ransom to reverse the attack. The Colonial Pipelines paid the ransom to get back their control to their distribution network. Later FBI got involved in solving this case and get their money back safely to Colonial Pipeline. FBI used reverse attack to find out the location of attackers. Once they found out the location they neutralised the attackers and got the amount paid as ransom majority of it. FBI recovered 2 million US dollar out of 3 million that was paid as ransom. Blockchain is unhackable technology so the only was the FBI could get the funds back is by location the private key of the account the hackers used. FBI figured out the private key of the account that was used for ransom and looged into that account and reversed the transaction back to the Colonial Pipeline. 

Since crypto currency is so popular these days and due to its unhackable nature many scammers demand the ransom in crypto currency. These scammers use telecom technology to reach their victims and steal their data and threaten them to compromise that data or assest to get ransom from the victim. 

Another kind of hacking the hackers use is via direct hack into the databases of companies using linux terminal. They apply algorithms and some other fuctions of linux terminal to gain special access. Some other ways to get tough access is through social engineering and ethical hacking. These hackers get in contact with the inside person of the company or come so close to that person of the company that they gain access to their RFID and such.


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