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US GAAP and IFRS Within the US Institutional Environment Report And Presentation

In your role in accounting and/or management you may be asked to conduct a presentation as part of a professional development program at your organisation. After the presentation you may receive feedback from your peers and superiors which will allow you to address any gaps and improve future presentations. Further, for those staff members who cannot attend, you might be required to write a report to ensure they are informed. This assignment assists you in improving the skills required to research a topic and communicate relevant material and insights via a presentation and report. As a result, you will be more comfortable with preparing and delivering professional presentations as well as taking on feedback to further develop your skills.


You are required to conduct research on the topic provided by drawing on appropriate resources. The assessment includes a presentation as well as a written report.

My topic is about

Are US GAAP accounting standards and IFRS accounting standards comparable?

Presentation (33 marks, reweighed to 5%).

The presentation will be for 10 – 15 minutes (excluding question time) and needs to address all relevant matters sufficiently for the audience to understand the topic / question assigned.

The structure below is a general suggestion:

a. Background: What is the key issue? What question(s) are you being asked to address?

b. Stakeholder: Who are the key stakeholders? What do they have to gain/loose?

c. Regulation: What regulation / accounting standard(s) apply to the topic / issue?

d. Theory: What theories apply?

e. Research: What are the findings / conclusions drawn from relevant empirical research?

f. Implications: What are the implications?

g. Conclusion: Based on your research have the issues been addressed?

Recommended Resources

You are encouraged to include the following sources into your research:

  1. Library resources
  2. Academic peer reviewed journals, please see the library desk for assistance / Google Scholar
  3. Publications from the professional and/or regulatory bodies (search CPA, CA website etc)


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